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AI Language Learning App

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, our app employs natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine learning to personalize lessons, enhancing user engagement and language proficiency.

Jowo Loans App

It's build on PHP and it is a daily interest to app for businesses that generates daily income. It charges from 9.9% monthly.

MyJola Pay

MyJola is built with PHP and extremely Mobile responsive that is converted to android and iOS app. So no need for extra mobile developers.

Climate Tech

Using our website and App, Information about Climate Change can be disseminated to more than 10,000 Subscribers. AI Powered model for climate action

Thrive Together

A platform for secure contributions ('susu' or 'ajo') and crowdfunding to raise money for business ventures and share profits with contributors.

Snail Slime Skin Therapy

The Business Potential is important to enhancing Global Market Expansion.

About Ideasmarketplace

Ideasmarketplace is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of ideas and intellectual property (IP) together. The marketplace will display ideas from different industries and categories including patents, copyrights, utility models, television commercials, print ads, new application ideas for mobile devices, product improvement ideas, reality television ideas, business strategy ideas and much more

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